ServiceNow’s San Diego Release

3 key enhancements of ServiceNow’s new San Diego release for CSM

Do you manage customer service for your company? If so, then you’ll want to check out ServiceNow’s new San Diego release. Amongst the enhancements and additions, there are three that can help improve your efficiency and operations. Keep reading to find out what they are!

New – Order Management

You can now capture orders from customers in addition to issues (cases) and requests.
Previously limited to a few obscure platform applications, order management is now enhanced and part of the customer service management family of features, bringing several important benefits:

  • No technical debt resulting from custom development of workflows
  • Use of a customer order-fulfillment process aligned with industry better practices
  • A 360-degree view of customer cases, orders, and their status for both the customer via the customer portal and your customer service agents

With this new feature, you can feel confident you are providing the best possible customer experiences – even if that means placing an order for them!

Improvements to the Agent Workspace

As a customer service agent, you now have much more control over personalizing your workspace with upgraded CSM solutions.

  • The option to use the latest ‘Next Experience User Interface’, with greater control over how you want information presented and reduced clicks to complete work.
  • The option to use a dark theme, and compact lists and form sections so the information is presented as you prefer
  • The ability to personalize default lists, adding or removing data columns, without having to save a copy first!

Automatic Assignment Based Upon Language

For some of you, if globalization and encountering different languages as part of your daily work (including plain English and its derivatives), then you now have help in the form of ‘language detection’.
This release introduces machine learning language detection. With the feature, you can automatically detect the language of incoming cases and assign them to agents and teams with matching language skills.


To summarize, amongst the many platform-wide improvements the San Diego release helps customer service management continue its alignment with the retail world experience by adding order management, dramatic improvements in the agent workspace (and with that agent efficiency), and a better user experience where language differences are key.

I hope this brief explanation helps you better fathom and plan your customer service management systems. Don’t forget, if you need any additional help on ServiceNow CSM or any other element of your ServiceNow journey, we at ADVANCE, an Elite ServiceNow Partner, a ServiceNow Implementation Expert and a leading Managed Service Provider are glad to help.

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With over 35 years of industry experience, Ian serves as Senior Advisor for Platform Solutions and is a Generative AI Specialist, supporting clients and our own Practice Leads, in solutioning any combination of ServiceNow’s applications to successfully achieve the desired outcomes and objectives. Ian is the author of the Universal Service Management Body of Knowledge.

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