Digital Transformation

Top 5 Strategic Technology Trends of this Decade

Businesses planning for this decade need to observe emerging trends and strategize accordingly to stay afloat. Complex security concerns, the rapidly changing consumer trends, the increasing impact of climate change, and the ethical use of AI technology mean the business has to adapt the top strategic technology trends to ensure sustainable growth. Here are the top five trends to consider:

1. Total Experience

Customer and employee experiences and interactions have become more virtual, mobile and distributed partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the evolving technology. Organizations require the Total Experience strategy to combine these interactions to gain the competitive advantage needed to stay afloat in the next decade.

2. Intelligent Composable Business

This strategy will help businesses bring together certain crucial aspects, such as better access to data and better decision-making. These aspects provide a platform for flexible applications that are available through the relevant APIs.

3. The recasting of automation roadmaps

Businesses can become more resilient and efficient through the recasting of automation roadmaps. Firms can adopt this strategy by embracing intelligent automation, which brings together pragmatic AI, the automation of robotics and digital processes, and low code tools. These technologies will be at the forefront of future business expansions.

4. Moving toward hyperlocal business operations

Midsize regional firms are expanding to new geographical locations, while large companies are working to enhance their ability to operate hyperlocally. There is a need to develop architectures that can distribute business operations systems and customer engagement strategically in different geographical locations while maintaining centralized management structures.

5. Low code

Reports indicate the low code development will become mainstream in 2021, hosting about 75% of development shops. The shift to low code results from new production demands and the new working environment spawned by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations on the low code platforms react better to collaborative work management and digital process automation than their traditional counterparts.

Following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rising competition in the corporate world, businesses can gain a competitive advantage by embracing these top five strategic trends of the next decade.

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