A modern approach to fast and efficient service delivery for citizens.

Modernize Citizen Services

CityCloud™ application is Built on Now. CityCloud™ leverages many of the platform capabilities, and provides several exciting innovative capabilities as well.

CityCloud™ is an innovative solution for local governments that modernizes citizen services. At the heart of the solution are features like a public portal, mobile, web forms for services, event sign up, automated workflows and content management.

A modern approach to fast and efficient service delivery for citizens. Here's what it can do for you :

Key Features for Citizens

  • Self-service for registration, events
  • Knowledge base, catalogue, directory & how-to-guides
  • Monitor status of requests and cases
  • Digitize documents and records
  • Multi-cultural language ability

Key Features for Civic Employees

  • Auto route requests to right department
  • End to End automated workflows
  • Document management solution
  • Role based data & information security
  • PI, Data Validation, Reporting, Analytics

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Streamline and automate security and access management with a single app.