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Elimination Of Customizations, Enhancing IT, PPM, & Future-proofing ServiceNow

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  • The company relied heavily on an older Kingston instance of ServiceNow for their IT department. It had many customizations to meet business requirements instead of (OOB) out-of-the box functionality.
  • The high level of customization posed significant problems when upgrading to recent releases of ServiceNow.
  • The company had many tools to handle their IT Project processes. Having multiple systems created more work and a lack of visibility as the end-to-end IT Business Management process was not in one single system of record.
  • A great deal of ‘swivel chairing’ was required for people to do their daily jobs in Project Management.
  • Project managers had to manually cut and paste data for approved projects.
  • Business units and project managers struggled with fragmented systems and poor data quality, which led to issues with project timelines, success rates and resource utilization.

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