Case Study

Global manufacturing company uses Advance Solutions to enhance IT and PPM, & future-proofing their system

  • Highlights
  • 25%

    Increase in operational efficiency

  • 40%

    Increase in on-time project deliveries

  • 53%

    Increase in timesheet compliance

Global manufacturing company delivers comprehensive design, manufacturing, supply chain and product management services. Leveraging the power of over 200,000 people across 100 sites strategically located around the world, it simplifies complexity and delivers value in a broad range of industries, enabling innovation, growth and customer success.

Global manufacturing company relied heavily on an older Kingston instance of ServiceNow for their IT department. It had many customizations to meet business requirements instead of (OOB) out-of-the box functionality. The high level of customization posed significant problems when upgrading to recent releases of ServiceNow. Global manufacturing company had many tools to handle their IT Project processes. Having multiple systems created more work and a lack of visibility as the end-to-end IT Business Management process was not in one single system of record. A great deal of ‘swivel chairing’ was required for people to do their daily jobs in Project Management. Project managers even had to manually cut and paste data for approved projects.

Business units and project managers struggled with fragmented systems and poor data quality, which led to issues with project timelines, success rates and resource utilization.

“ It’s great to have technology that helps us function at light speed. Thanks to Advance’s expertise, we have surmounted our customization issues, and replaced legacy PPM tools with a future-proof solution that automates many tasks and helps us scale. ”

Advance worked closely with key stakeholders to understand their various use cases, processes and business needs. After this ground work, Advance worked on eliminating the heavy customizations that obstructed the necessary upgrade. Advance fixed those customizations with many additional features like Time sheet, Time sheet Portal, Resource management etc. Company’s workforce was trained on best practices – switching to OOB functionality for all their required capabilities. They could be selfsufficient in extending functionality as required without having to wait up to a year for vendors to help them.

With this solution, global manufacturing company is set with OOB functionality, enabling smooth Service Now upgrades. Their business is future-proofed and antiquated manual processes and legacy PPM systems have been replaced with a superior, unified, and automated ServiceNow solution.

With the unified ServiceNow PPM solution, global manufacturing company enjoys improved data quality, increased project success and optimal utilization of resources. Advance delivered a scalable, up-gradable and maintainable solution, on time and on budget.There was a marked increase in time-sheet compliance – 93% compared to 40% with previous tools. This is due to improved ease of use and streamlining of processes. With the new resource management facility, transparency ensures better utilization of all resources. Project timelines and success rates drastically improved thanks to a unified system, with high quality data that users could trust. It is now much easier to allocate resources, rank and prioritize demands, and create, administer and maintain workflows. As a result, global manufacturing firm boasts a 25% increase in operational efficiency, a 40% increase in on-time project deliveries and a whopping 53% increase in timesheet compliance.

This solution has enabled global manufacturing company to future-proof their instance for years to come while allowing them to focus on many future ServiceNow roadmap items. With the help of Advance, global manufacturing company has eliminated its fragmented, customized systems and manual processes that were hindering them and sees significant potential for ServiceNow PPM beyond IT.

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