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Global medical technology & solutions company uses advance solutions to automate creation of service record and accelerated turnaround time for customer support

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  • 75%

    Reduction in customer response time

  • 45%

    Increase in productivity

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    Platform provides full visibility and control

Founded in 1949, the client is a global leader in medical technology, services, and solutions that strives to tackle some of healthcare’s greatest challenges. They have developed core technologies for implantable mechanical devices, drug and biological delivery services, and powered and advanced energy surgical instruments. Their technologies are used to treat nearly 40 medical conditions today.

Legacy tools made it very difficult for the client’s customer support agents to effectively follow standard processes or leverage the capability of current technologies. The client used SAP to manually create service records and required a great deal of ‘swivel chairing’ to navigate the legacy tools available to them. With fragmented systems and outdated process, the agents struggled daily to provide top-notch customer service. Agents lacked visibility and transparency, often having multiple screens open just to initiate a service record on a customer’s behalf. This process was extremely time-consuming and error prone. ServiceNow was introduced to automate and streamline the customer workflow to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

“ Working with Advance has been a game changer for our Customer Support System and agents. Their technological expertise has helped us upgrade to a scalable solution that automated many tasks and accelerated customer response time. ”

Advance worked with the client and exposed the various inefficiencies in their process through a comprehensive evaluation. We helped the client implement ServiceNow CSM (Customer Support Management) spanning several business units providing customer support. This surmounted the shortcomings of their legacy system. The solution provided a unified system for Service and Repair callcenter agents to easily capture customer interaction data and automatically create a service record in SAP to initiate the service process. Leveraging ServiceNow’s user-friendly, convenient integration capability we were able to automate the cumbersome process of ensuring that all parties involved in resolving a case had visibility in either ServiceNow or SAP. This saved time and provided transparency to the customer support lifecycle regardless of which technology departments were working within.

Advance delivered a scalable, maintainable, and upgradeable Customer Service Management solution on ServiceNow which integrated with SAP. The solutions spanned multiple business units throughout the enterprise which provided customer support.

The biggest benefit is the amount of time saved per case entered. What used to take several minutes and several screens in SAP is now accomplished in a few clicks, and a service record is created automatically. This led to a 75% reduction in customer response time and 45% increase in productivity.

Another major improvement was around metrics – the client can quickly and easily determine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as average call volumes, mean time to resolution, number of times customer called back, etc. There was no easy way to do this before ServiceNow and Advance. These powerful insights enable the client to practice Continuous Improvement and focus on continued enhancement of the customer experience.

With a unified customer service platform, the client is now saving time and money on training to ramp up their agents. New user training takes hours instead of days which ensures employees are up and running as quickly as possible and providing valuable customer services.

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