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Global shipping company uses Advance Solutions for merging two heavily customized ServiceNow instances

  • Highlights
  • 90%

    Customization was reduced

  • 15%

    Improvement in operational efficiency

  • 60%

    Less Upgrade time

The global shipping company is an American logistics and retail behemoth. With nearly half a million employees generating $70 billion annually, this Memphis-based, overnight shipping giant ranks 49th on the Fortune 500 list and has been relied upon by businesses worldwide for foolproof, reliable delivery. “Guaranteed timely deliveries, no matter what it takes.”

In 2016, global shipping company acquired Netherlands-based TNT Express, a ServiceNow customer that expanded it’s global reach. This expanded footprint placed new pressures on its service management infrastructure and was vulnerable to new threats. After this expansion, the problem was brought to the forefront on company earnings call that announced a series of cyberattacks that exposed a potential $300 Million risk.

Global shipping company had to move decisively and launched an aggressive Enterprise-wide process-driven Service Management initiative to unify service delivery globally, using a single ServiceNow instance. They turned to Advance as the partner to lead the charge.

Having grown through acquisition and rapid expansion, global shipping company was comprised of 20 Operating Companies, processes and systems and two ServiceNow instances, both of which were highly customized. The company lacked visibility into its global asset footprint and faced increased uncertainty about its own risk profile. Successfully merging these two heavily customized ServiceNow instances was also a sizeable challenge.

Equally challenging was the unification of corporate cultures and a variety of enterprise processes that had independently evolved over a combined 110-year history. Employees found the system difficult and cumbersome and satisfaction with IT suffered as a result.

“ Managing such a complicated merger would not have been possible without the expertise and support of Advance. Their technical expertise ensured that we were up and running quickly with best practices in place. ”

Advance rose to the challenge. After an initial comprehensive assessment of each company’s instance, it was clear that starting from scratch was the most logical approach. Advance led teams responsible for each area of the platform through a series of intense yet collaborative workshops, emphasizing

Configuration of OOB (out-of-the-box) functionality over customization, backed by solid business processes. Advance was able to quickly address requirements conflicts and maintain a swift pace throughout the project with its agile approach and commitment to staying as close to out-of-box as possible, as advised by ServiceNow.

Leveraging industry best practices with an emphasis on customization as a last resort, Advance delivered a scalable, upgradable and maintainable solution in just 6 months, on time and on budget. Beyond the immediate benefits, customization was reduced by 90%, cutting upgrade time from 5 weeks (for a team of 300) to just 2 weeks. The combined improvements in automation and internal processes resulted in a 15% improvement in operational efficiency. IT gained comprehensive, real-time global asset visibility that reduced its risk profile and enabled better experience for IT customers. This was thanks to the new instance, resulting from the successful merger of the two instances, with an accurate and reliable CMDB as the foundation.

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