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Leading global provider of insurance & annuities uses Advance Solutions to automate HR processes which accelerated onboarding requests

Founded in the US in 1868, the company is one of the largest global providers of insurance, annuities, and employee benefit programs. It has 90 million customers in over 60 countries. The client was ranked No. 43 in the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations based on total revenue. Aside from the US, the client’s operation spans Latin America, the Middle East, Europe and Asia’s Pacific region. The company holds leading market positions in Japan, South Korea, Chile and Mexico.

The client struggled with outdated manual processes and emails for onboarding and employee relations requests. This covered everything from requesting new laptops, accounts workspaces and so on for new hires and current employees. There was no clear visibility for hiring leaders or new hires. It was virtually impossible to track what had been completed and tasks still pending. This slowed the onboarding and request process with a sub-optimal user experience. The client needed a solution to track HR services, automate their manual processes, and improve user experience for end users and new hires.

“ Advance helped us implement ServiceNow for HR onboarding, automating many tasks and eliminating delays in the onboarding process. Our hiring managers and new hires have convenient visibility and a single interface so there is no confusion at any stage. Real-time visibility at a glance helps track progress easily. ”

Advance worked closely with the client to understand their manual HR process and leveraged ServiceNow to streamlined HR service delivery. We provided a solution that integrated with their existing HR system to pull the HR profiles data into ServiceNow on a daily schedule. Consequently, HR profiles on ServiceNow are always in sync with their existing HR system.

We provided and implemented an end-to-end solution for new hire onboarding by leveraging the enterprise onboarding in ServiceNow. We created 100+ HR services by leveraging the Transitions application of service now HR service delivery.


Advance provided a scalable, upgradeable and maintainable solution for onboarding new hires by leveraging ServiceNow. The client has a robust solution to keep their employees’ HR profile up to date with their external HR system. Automation eliminated delays in the typical process of ordering IT equipment, a workspace and other services for new hires. The hiring manager no longer had to manually perform these routine tasks. New hires can see all their preboarding tasks on the ServiceNow onboarding portal. This portal provides a convenient single interface for new hires to complete all these tasks with the option for online support from the onboarding team or hiring manager. This enabled a better user experience for new hires and minimized the need for multiple emails going back and forth.

As ServiceNow tracks which preboarding activities have been completed, new hires, the onboarding team, and hiring leaders now have complete, real-time visibility. It is easy to track onboarding progress at a glance. Hiring leaders can also customize these bundles if needed, adding additional items as required to expand and fine tune functionality.

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