COVID-19 Response Plan

FREE Support to Implement ServiceNow’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Apps

Respond to The Crisis With Advance’s Support To Implement Free COVID-19 Community Apps

In response to the global upheaval and unprecedented challenges caused by the pandemic, ServiceNow is offering 4 free COVID-19 community applications to help firms manage crisis response as difficulties continue to shift and evolve. Advance is glad to support your firm in implementing these apps so you can respond to the crisis, support employee needs and try to maintain some degree of business continuity in these turbulent times. No charge for our support and expertise to get you up and running.

Emergency Response Operations Application

Use this app to plan and optimize staff and resources during the current COVID-19 pandemic or any other crisis. State and local government agencies, as well as other organizations, can formulate incident staffing plans with regard to locations, dates and competencies for effective resource mobilization. The app automates resource assignments via e

Emergency Outreach Application

Employers can leverage this application to distribute important safety information and confirm employee safety during a crisis. This information can be sent by email or push notification on the Now mobile app. Employers can target specific groups of employees and locations as necessary. They can also effectively track notifications and responses for individual employees through an interactive graphical dashboard. The app enables employers to quickly assess the impact of a calamity on their workforce.

Emergency Self Report Application

Employees can use this application to report illnesses or readiness to return with notification of their rejoining date to their employers during the outbreak. This app enables employees to plan their safe return to work while keeping employers notified. With employee-health-status data, a manager or a response team can reassign the impacted employee’s tasks to other members of the team. The employee-reporting data can be analyzed to decide the future course of action.

Emergency Exposure Management Application

The application allows an enterprise to identify and manage exposure risk in case an employee is diagnosed with an illness. The firm can connect with and monitor such employees digitally and virtually and plan accordingly. Based on this information, and use of the other apps, managers can initiate responses and reassign work, following protocols as required.

Respond to The Crisis with Advance’s FREE Expertise to Implement ServiceNow’s COVID-19 Apps.