Digital Transformation

Digital Enablement in the Workforce

Businesses spend a lot of time planning. The management crunch numbers, prepare forecasts and layout objectives. A conducive work environment is crucial in achieving the set objectives. As workplace demographics keep on changing, employers battle the need to meet the diverse needs of a multi-generational labor force.

The growth in technology has accelerated the pace of change in the workplace. Workers are increasingly using the internet and mobile devices.
Businesses are reshaping their workplace to accommodate these changing trends. With the advancement in technology, digital enablement in the workplace has become a necessity.

What is digital enablement?
These three things are the heartbeat of your digital workplace enablement.

  • Employees
  • Platforms used by employees in delivering their work
  • Customer experience

Digital enablement is achieved when an organization allows natural evolution to take place.
The lines between work and personal life have continued to be blurred. Businesses need to understand what platforms their employees utilize in their daily lives.

Smooth integration of the platforms (e-mails, virtual meeting tools, social media apps) into the daily work routine helps achieve digital enablement.
When a company achieves a good employee experience, customer satisfaction is automatically achieved. Remember, a happy employee creates a satisfied customer.

How can a business achieve digital enablement?

Building a Culture of Digital Adoption
The management must keep track of the changing digital trends in the business world. Managers need to foster a culture that accepts change.
So, how do you ensure that your staff embraces emerging digital tools?

Digital tools include both devices and software applications used in the workplace.
Training sessions should be conducted to equip employees with the relevant skills for using new digital tools. The management needs to explain why and how each new digital tool can empower them to deliver the best results.
Any new technology introduced to business should be designed to fit the values and objectives of the employees. Precisely, it should:

  • Be simple to operate
  • Accessible in and out of the physical workplace
  • Fast and efficient

Collect Employees’ Insights and Opinions
Digital enablement is a significant decision in a business. You do not want to force such a huge change down the throat to your staff. Acceptability is key in ensuring effective change.
It is wise to talk to your employees and collect their views on technology-related changes.
Most people view technology as a threat to their jobs. During the survey, managers should explain to their staff how technology complements their skills. Such an approach will help to dismiss the fear by the staff of losing their jobs.

Respond to changes
In recent years, people have shifted to working remotely. Digital enablement should be designed to support these new working styles. Businesses should consider:

  • Integrating offline and online communications
  • Providing tools that support virtual work

What are the Benefits of Digital Enablement in the Workforce?
1. Increased Employee Productivity
With digital enablement, most tasks are automated. Employees handle fewer tasks, allowing them to work more efficiently.
2. Attracts more talent
Digital enablement supports remote work. Businesses can now afford to hire people with specialized skills from any part of the world without fearing logistics challenges and huge salary demands.
3. An Awesome Customer Experience
Customer experience is the focal point of digital transformation. Businesses are embracing technology in the form of software applications, social media, and messaging apps. These technologies are designed to ease the customers’ journey and create a wonderful experience.
4.Increased Collaboration
Digital enablement enables businesses to not only keep their employees connected but also consolidate all operations. With closely-knit operations, a business can effectively connect with its target market and achieve customer satisfaction.

We are in an era of technological growth. Digital enablement is inevitable in the workplace. Businesses that digitally enable their staff will thrive and stay competitive in the current business world.

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