Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation: 3 Best practices for Governments

People are advocating for governments to use digital technology in the same way that businesses have. The stakes are high, and according to estimates, government digitization could earn over $1 trillion in yearly revenue globally.

By digitizing, governments can offer services that satisfy the increasing demands of people and companies, even in this age of constrained finances and complex challenges among aging populations, income disparity, and geopolitical instability.

The Best Practices for Governments

To become a proper digital government, it requires a diverse range of assets and competencies, such as;

1. Ecosystem Participation
To fulfill their digital transformation aims, governments can successfully tap into external ecosystems. During the epidemic, many governments resorted to the private sector and universities for various challenges, from producing treatments to constructing IT infrastructure to withstand the rising demand for government services.

2. Secure and flexible infrastructure
It causes the deployment of a technology infrastructure that balances security and privacy concerns with scalability and flexibility.

This includes embracing cloud infrastructure and a cloud-native environment and putting in place a solid cybersecurity plan.

As governments had to grow government services dramatically because of the pandemic, agencies realized the significance of flexible, adaptable, and secure infrastructure.

3. Smart workflow
It involves streamlining fundamental processes and workflows, employing automation (such as robotic process automation [RPA] and cognitive automation) to undertake repetitive tasks, and providing artificial intelligence-powered tools to support staff.

According to 83 percent of government executives, process automation has a significant beneficial influence on their organization. It aids organizations in improving efficiency and speed by removing unnecessary data entries, enhancing data quality, and lowering errors.

Many government organizations have stepped up their digital transformation activities in response to the demands and external drivers that appeared or increased during COVID-19.

Indeed, they’ve discovered that they have been able to effect change at a faster rate than they had expected. Governments should capitalize on this experience to adopt a higher digital transformation pace.

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