Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is About People

Fast-moving technology is evolving business rapidly. Companies need their employees to evolve along with this transformation or get left behind. Yet many companies are not recognizing that fact. Over a quarter of companies acknowledge that despite people being key to digital transformation, they are often ignored when projects involving them are planned. The digital transformation of a company is not just updating its hardware and software; that’s the easy part. It’s about training the people who will be using the technology correctly and getting them to buy into the technological vision. Organizations are starting to wake up to this fact, with 72% of HR and L&D professionals believing employee training is key to the transformation of their organizations and with 46% of training budgets projected to increase.

How do you get employees involved in digital transformation?

It is not enough for companies to decide they will digitally transform. They need their employees to change with them.

  • Training: Much of this technology will make the employees’ jobs easier. By training them properly on using the new tools at their disposal, they will feel more enabled and more part of the total transformation.
  • Leadership: For employees to buy-in, the administration has to buy-in as well. From the top-down, managers need to help their employees adapt to the new technology and not make them feel as if they are in this alone.
  • Communication: Employees must feel they can communicate to management about the frustration and difficulties of the transformation. Management must communicate transparently how the transformation process will work and how the technology will improve the workplace. An organization that achieves communication from both employees and managers is eight times more likely to have a successful digital transformation.

Although it is clear that we call it a digital transformation, it is actually a workforce transformation. Without your employees transforming along with your technology, the entire project is doomed to failure. For more information click here to fill contact form.

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