Elements of a ServiceNow Success Story

IT Cloud-based service management is among the rapidly developing industries that cater to almost all the critical aspects that control and determine your day-to-day operations’ success. It can cover incident control to service management and asset management to project management throughout its entire life cycle. The main focus of service is to enhance the customer’s digital experience within the organization’s environment. Having a well-established ServiceNow platform ensures a smooth workflow experience due to its suitability in various business service modules.

To guarantee a successful ServiceNow platform within your company, there are essential tools to consider. They include;

• IT Service Desk

Having a ServiceNow walk-up desk allows employees to access IT support by connecting them to trained professionals in the field who can solve and respond to queries in real-time. Some of its features are inventory management, queue alerts, and appointment scheduling, among others.

HR Service Delivery

ServiceNow can connect your departments with HR workflows by reducing the manual process of forms completion, orientation, and onboarding, which creates time for the HR department to prioritize other crucial matters.

• Field Service Management

Field staff is relieved from the rigorous task of emails, spreadsheets, and other management tools by replacing them with a more effective and efficient service when on location.

The IT industry is continually shifting and is filled with trends and unique needs that require a successful implementation and leadership team which is certified and trusted. Below are the advantages of using the ServiceNow platform:

  • Streamlined and improved processes
  • Efficient business tool integration
  • Increased Productivity
  • Guaranteed investment return

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Wally is an expert in ITAM Best Practices, both Hardware and Software as well as leads the Business Process Consulting Group. He serves as AVP Digital Transformation.

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