Environmental Policy


The goal of this policy is to remain environmentally conscious and taking necessary steps to ensure sustainability of all aspects of the environment- physical, chemical, biological, and socioeconomic.


The policy applies to all ADVANCE offices, employees, and all other associates.


ADVANCE is committed to serving our clients and customers in an environmentally responsible manner by continuously improving environmental performance in all our operations. All levels of management as well as employees are and will be accountable for the company’s environmental performance.
The following actions are intended to support our commitment to environmental protection:

  • Identify and understand environmental aspects of the company’s products, services, and operations, and commit to compliance with any legal, legislative, and regulatory obligations applicable to the company as well as corporate standards.
  • Integrating energy-saving measures into the company’s facilities and encouraging efficient energy use in all activities without compromising our capacity to serve our clients.
  • Embrace and invest in technologies that offer alternatives to business travel.
  • Minimize waste, save energy, and look for ways to reuse and recycle.
  • Support the purchase of environmentally friendly products and services through a procurement programme that focuses on maintaining sustainability.
  • Define environmental goals and targets for an effective implementation of this environmental policy and encourage all employees and associates to participate in and comply with the company’s stipulated requirements.
  • Measure environmental performance at ADVANCE through monitoring, audits, and reviews. Take accountability for all activities and respond promptly to any aberration.