ServiceNow’s Vancouver Release

Explore the Transformative Power of Generative AI with ServiceNow’s Vancouver Release

With its ground-breaking Gen/AI features, ServiceNow’s Vancouver release stands out in the constantly changing technological landscape. A wide range of stakeholders stand to gain from these innovations’ potential to transform user empowerment and customer support.

Let us explore the growing importance of generative AI and learn about the amazing benefits offered by ServiceNow’s new AI capabilities.

Tapping into the Power of Generative AI with ServiceNow’s Innovative Features

Here are four innovative features offered by ServiceNow that take advantage of the potential of artificial intelligence while addressing the needs of stakeholders who stand to benefit most from each.

1. Now Assist: Empowering Support Representatives and Virtual Agents

The Now Assist feature is intended to give both customer service representatives and virtual agents more power. These agents can quickly summarize content like knowledge articles so that they can give users information that is clear and accurate. It also helps create fresh content from previously used materials. Both virtual agents and human representatives can benefit from this feature, which optimizes interactions and guarantees a seamless user experience.

How Now Assist Helps

  • Case Summarization:
    • Simplify case or incident record summaries with just a click.
    • Rapidly grasp essential information through a concise overview.
    • Ensure data security and integration using ServiceNow’s built-in LLM.
  • Conversational Exchanges:
    • Create engaging two-way chats for intelligent conversations.
    • Slash mean time to resolution (MTTR) rates effectively.
    • Enable users to independently find assistance anytime, anywhere.
  • Content Creation:
    • Enhance searches with contextual insights, yielding actionable answers from trusted KB data.
    • Generate domain- and organization-specific content intelligently, no re-training needed.
    • Safeguard data by maintaining access controls aligned with ServiceNow’s security models.
  • Text to Code:
    • Transform natural language into code directly on the Now Platform.
    • Offer developers seamless, in-platform coding experience.
    • Uphold data security and platform integration with ServiceNow’s native LLM for coding.
2. Generative AI Controller: Fostering Innovation in Support Teams

The Generative AI Controller offers support teams the tools needed to modify AI models to meet business requirements. This improves customer interactions and problem-solving by empowering support staff to innovate and offer customized solutions.

How Generative AI Controller Helps

  • Integrate generative AI seamlessly into ServiceNow workflows.
  • Achieve faster time-to-value through out-of-the-box generative AI capabilities.
  • Experience effortless design within Flow Designer, Virtual Agent, and scripting.
  • Connect easily to OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, or ServiceNow’s large language models.
3. Code Assist: Simplifying Development for Technical Teams

Code Assist brings a significant development for developers and technical teams. By translating functional code from natural language descriptions, it quickens the development process. With the help of this feature, developers should be more productive, make fewer errors, and complete projects faster.

How Code-Assist helps

  • From text to code, on ServiceNow LLM, trained on ServiceNow app code repo
  • Quick onboarding on the ServiceNow platform
  • 30% improvement vs. ChatGPT on correctly generated Glide code
  • It connects technical terms to practical functionality, making development user-friendly for diverse team members.
  • Democratization of coding expertise enhances collaboration and fosters a more inclusive approach to software development.
4. Flow Assist: Making Workflows Simpler for Process Designers

The Flow Assist feature has tremendous value for process designers. It eliminates the need for manual intervention by automatically converting written descriptions into computerized workflows. This improvement frees designers to focus on strategic rather than procedural details by streamlining processes.

How Flow-Assist helps

  • Convert text into actionable workflows.
  • Provide recommendations for the “next best action.”
  • Seamlessly collaborate with the “text to code” function.
  • Process designers can unleash their creativity and concentrate on optimizing the user experience rather than getting bogged down in the intricacies of workflow implementation.
  • Flow Assist translates ideas into action, enabling smoother execution and more agile adaptation to evolving business needs.

ServiceNow’s AI capabilities present a pathway to success for a variety of roles in a time when user empowerment and excellent customer support are paramount. These features offer a complete toolkit for improving customer experiences and operational efficiency, from virtual agents to support agents, from technical teams to process designers. By utilizing these capabilities, businesses put themselves at the forefront of innovation, providing exceptional user experiences and redefining customer support standards for the digital age.

Are you ready to influence the path of AI-powered solutions?

ADVANCE, an Elite ServiceNow Partner, can help you tap into the potential of ServiceNow’s latest AI features. Together, let us shape a new standard of support and user empowerment.
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With over 35 years of industry experience, Ian serves as Senior Advisor for Platform Solutions and is a Generative AI Specialist, supporting clients and our own Practice Leads, in solutioning any combination of ServiceNow’s applications to successfully achieve the desired outcomes and objectives. Ian is the author of the Universal Service Management Body of Knowledge.

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