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Five Lessons to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

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The right mindset is vital to using digital technologies to enhance corporate digital transformation. Organizational practices must also be perfect for the transformation to happen. Here are five lessons that you can learn from organizations that have succeeded in digital transformation and implement in your journey.

Lesson # 1 Create a strategy before using digital tools

You must create a broad strategy that the digital tools will help enhance. Avoid vague strategies, such as innovation or enhancing speed because no single technology can achieve that. Besides, do not pick a strategy that requires one specific tool as that will not be an all-around digital transformation.

Lesson #2 Work hand-in-hand with technology users

Unfortunately, most organizations bring leading consultants and gurus in the digital world who apply the standard solutions and practices. However, a true digital transformation requires insiders- people who will use the digital tools. They know what works and what cannot apply in their daily operations.

Lesson #3 Customer experience enhancement should start with them

Ensure that customers are part of any digital technology that is aimed at enhancing their intimacy and satisfaction. Most organizations implement tools that they think will serve customers better and not the other way round. The best tools are those that make small changes at various touchpoints in the customer experience cycle.

Lesson #4 Address your staff fears

The staff members will inherently fight anything that threatens their livelihoods. They will purposefully fail new tools in a bid to save their jobs. The management should recognize these issues and educate them on the benefits of using digital tools.

Lesson # 5 Adapt a culture like that of start-ups at Silicon Valley

Note that Silicon Valley firms are known for their flat structures, speedy and flexible decision-making, and the ability to implement changes fast. Given that digital transformation is uncertain, you need to make the right decisions fast and implement them quickly. Do not let organizational hierarchy get in the way of the flow of information and ideas.

The success of your transformation is based on the ability to change the mindset, focus on the right goals, and bring everyone on board. Advance Solutions can accelerate your digital transformation through proven strategies and expertise. It simplifies, streamlines, and automates the digital process for accelerated implementation. Start your journey on the right footing by talking to an expert today!

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