HRSD: Getting Rid of Paper Forms via Digital End-to-end Employee Journeys – Part 1/2

Typically, HR Service Delivery (HRSD) has been the domain of highly manual processes with countless paper forms. This is a burden on both end users and HR executives and is hardly the most efficient way to deliver HR services. In light of the digital transformation that is underway in modern organizations, HR service delivery is slowly but surely undergoing a similar shift. Increasing numbers of organizations are turning to modernized solutions that digitize employee journeys from end-to-end. So are you ready to say goodbye to endless piles of paper forms and digitize your company’s HRSD?

Impact of Digitization of HR Service Delivery

There are myriad solutions on the market – for instance, ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (HRSD) module is gaining popularity. Although the cloud platform is primarily known for its ITSM capabilities, it has numerous other modules for various operations including HR. Such a platform benefits both employees and HR executives who manage service delivery.

By implementing such a solution, you’ll be able to massively improve the quality of service that your organization delivers to employees across the entire employee journey. Employees will be able to access a convenient portal with self-service options that allow them to mange their information requirements. This increases end user satisfaction thanks to the ability to manage their work and HR requirements in a single place. It also hides the complexity of back-end processes.

In addition, document management capabilities of modern HRSD solutions such as ServiceNow enable your HR team to easily manage large volumes of employee documents. It streamlines and digitizes these processes. Moreover, it grants employees the ability to access particular documents or information without the need for a HR team member’s intervention. This ranges from employee-specific documents to information related to device support and so on.

Consumerization of HRSD

Aside from the shift from paper forms to digital interfaces and workflows, the bigger shift in HRSD is a consumerization of service delivery. This provides a highly convenient, consumerized approach to serving employees swiftly and effectively. A single interface allows employees to get much faster access to services they need. Highly accessible self-service options expedite the process and also provide a much more enjoyable and intuitive user experience. Aside from providing employees the services they need, a delightful user experience also leads to happier employees and happy employees are more productive and efficient. So this has a ripple effect beyond mere service delivery that has a positive impact on the organization.

End-to-end Services from Anywhere

End-to-end capabilities for every aspect of the employee journey accelerate employee onboarding and provide convenient HR delivery models with intelligent workflows. This allows organizations to improve productivity and deliver the right experience to employees anywhere. All that employees need is a device, an internet connection and login permission and they can access the services they need from anywhere via their mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. No more endless wait times in limbo wondering what happened to their paper service request form.

Swift, Scalable Self-Service Options

Modernized HRSD streamlines workflows so an employee does not have to go to multiple departments. For instance, for issues related to health insurance, an employee previously had to go to several departments and communicate with HR, the health insurance provider and finally the individual agent. This hassle is completely eliminated with a digitized HRSD system – an employee can do all this quickly and easily through their mobile or laptop. In the past an employee would have needed to submit a paper form for time off, now they can do it automatically with a digital form.

Empowering employees to get answers and resolve service requests easily with a few swipes, clicks or a chat provides a user-friendly experience with faster service. In the case of ServiceNow, the Now Mobile app and Employee Service Center provide powerful self-service options. The Virtual Agent harnesses AI capabilities to provide intelligent self-service abilities in a conversational format. This resolves issues faster and at scale across the organization. In addition digital workflows span functions so each department can optimize service delivery and cater to employees far more effectively. This surmounts the delays with old-school manual processes that were siloed.

In part 2 of this blog series we’ll continue our exploration of the benefits of leveraging a digitized HRSD system.

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