Why Improving Employee Experience is Vital To Business Success

From the time perspective employees view your job ad until they move on from your company, all they learn, do, feel, and see will contribute to their overall Employee Experience (EX). The Economist report shows that 81% of firms have employee experience as a critical discussion among business leaders.

For your organization to provide a memorable and satisfying experience for employees, you must listen to what your people have to say at every stage of their employment lifecycle. Attention to the details will help you identify things that matter the most to your employees and guide you by creating bespoke experiences.

Why Modern Employees Value Wholesome Experiences as a Job Perk?

According to Jacob Morgan, the author of The Employee Experience Advantage, EX is about tailoring your workplace practices around your employees’ needs. Employee Experience is essential in an environment where traditional perks and money are no longer the vital motivating factors they used to be.

There are several reasons why there is a shift from simple employee engagement to more holistic experiences:

  • Millennials now demand more say in the running of the companies they work for.
  • According to a Corporate Leadership Council survey, the fierce talent war means that employers need to find ways to differentiate themselves to attract and keep talent.
  • Digitization, market disruption, flexible work hours, work from home, and the rise in the importance of work-life balance mean that companies need to understand their impact on their people and adjust accordingly.
  • Increasingly personalized consumer experiences mean that employees now expect that employers will give them unique experiences as well.
  • More engaged employees mean higher productivity, according to the Harvard Business Review.
  • The emergence of employer reviews and social media growth means that great employee experiences are essential to protect companies’ and brands’ reputation

Ultimately, great employee experiences equate to more money for the business due to improved productivity, lower employee turnover, and better customer service. Most importantly, there is a more significant personal investment in your business’s success on the part of your employees.

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