Bridging Silos & Mitigating Risks in the Medical Industry with Connected Solutions

Transform Healthcare Processes for Improved Outcomes

Leverage Advance Solutions’ 15+ years of ServiceNow solutions to transform healthcare for better outcomes with connected solutions. You’ll be able to streamline, simplify and automate processes so the focus can be on providing the highest quality of care to patients. Many healthcare providers require innovative solutions that bridge silos and are turning to technology that can improve operations. As an Elite ServiceNow partner, you can count on us to support your ServiceNow implementation including custom app development to empower your staff to serve patients better.

Personalized Healthcare Leveraged by IT Services

With ServiceNow for Healthcare Services, help your clinicians offer better services to patients with the support of Advance Solutions. Our ServiceNow consulting services evaluates your establishment’s specific needs, identifies gaps and provides solutions for digital transformation. You’ll be able to connect with patients and observe a significant increase in overall satisfaction by providing customized, seamless experiences. Premium healthcare lies in the details – in other words patient data. Advance Solutions provides ServiceNow for Healthcare Industry Services consulting and can help you eliminate data silos, so you never struggle with patient data and details.

Learn how ADVANCE helped optimise space management for a leading hospital.

Make Your Institution Stronger

Personalize Patient Experience

Improve patient experience and satisfaction through seamless experiences with personalized details at every stage.

Boost Employee Productivity

Improve employee productivity through intuitive, connected solutions that accelerate processes, minimize staff turnover and reduce costs.

Simplify & Automate Workflows

Improve speed and quality with workflows that are streamlined, simplified and automated so you can focus on providing better care for patients.

Ensure Data Privacy & Compliance

Ensure that you protect all patient data, information and medical devices that are connected. Maintain compliance with regulations with minimum hassles.

Scalability On-Demand

Cope with business expansion or a surge in operations due to increased demand thanks to the scalability of cloud architecture.

Easy Integration

Augment your existing systems with our ServiceNow implementation that integrates and works well with them.

Healthcare Industries Insights

Improve Healthcare Quality & Outcomes with Connected IT Solutions.