Press Release- January 21, 2020

Advance Solutions Transitions to ServiceNow's Elite Partner Program Segment

ALPHARETTA, Ga– (PRNewswire)-Advance Solutions (ASC) today announced its transition to the ServiceNow Elite Partner Program segment. ServiceNow’s global partner segment framework is designed to determine how well a Partner strategically supports ServiceNow’s growth, as well as a Partner’s ability to successfully deliver specific customer outcomes. Advance Solutions transition to Elite recognizes achievements in the ServiceNow partner assessment methodology, which focuses on the 4Cs (committed capacity, competency, customer success and capability) and go-to-market maturity.

Founded in 2008, Advance Solutions has built tremendous experience across all aspects of ServiceNow while keeping our customers completely satisfied. We are proud to represent a CSAT rating of 9.6, among the highest in the Country. ASC continues to grow, with over 100 certified ServiceNow consultants averaging on 8 years of experience each. Our mission is to make cloud-based service management quick and easy for our customers, ultimately improving enterprise productivity, organization and culture. Whether you’re looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul, we are among the most trusted teams for any ServiceNow implementation.

“We started ASC as a business transformation company in 2008 and as part of our efforts we were introduced to ServiceNow. We quickly recognized ServiceNow’s potential in process transformation and automation. Our team began creating applications that did not exist on the platform back then and now we are guiding customers across the globe in their digital transformation and automation efforts.” – Gaurav Kochhar, CEO

Advance Solutions exists to guide clients on their digital transformation journey. Having over 12 years of ServiceNow experience ASC creates Scalable, Maintainable and Upgradable Solutions™ with clients across the globe. ASC offers unparalleled expertise with consultants who are deeply certified across the platform. With well over 350 implementations and over 40 apps developed across all major industries, ASC offers outstanding experience to ServiceNow customers. Aside from outstanding experience implementing ServiceNow, ASC provides Strategic Advisory, Managed Services, Training & OCM while remaining rooted in our core values of Excellence, Passion and Teamwork.