Is your business ready for digital transformation?
Digital Transformation

Is your business ready for digital transformation?

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What is Digital Transformation? Digital transformation provides more ways to reach customers, improve sales, boost productivity and grow revenue faster. It also brings changes to how work gets done, the skills required to succeed, and the way you measure success. But what does digital transformation really mean? And how can your business benefit from it? We all know the term digital transformation has become popular lately—as organizations of all sizes grapple with digital disruption on multiple fronts, including AI, machine learning, virtual reality, blockchain and robotics—they’re looking to evolve the way they think about innovation and growth.

Digital Transformation
What is it and how to do it right? Digital transformation has become one of those buzzwords. Almost every other presentation you see mentions that your company will or must undergo a digital transformation.

Digital Culture In 2021
Many also talk about creating a digital culture. As more companies are pushing into new ways of interacting with their customers, they are looking at new tools, processes and team organization models to do so. Many CIOs are either struggling with leading these changes or have taken on a role as an evangelist to support digital efforts across their organizations.

From Business Transformation to Digital Transformation
A lot of people use those terms interchangeably, but they actually mean different things. Business transformation refers to any change that improves a company’s efficiency and effectiveness. Digital Transformation, on the other hand, is about taking advantage of new technologies and services to meet customer needs and gain a competitive edge. With almost every industry transforming digitally right now—and many more expected to do so in 2022—it’s time you assessed your organization’s readiness for digital disruption.

Digital Transformation Framework
There are many examples of Digital Transformation with some good and bad experiences behind them. The thing is, we cannot learn from others’ mistakes, we need to learn from our own ones. So, our mission here is not to present you with a model or framework that will solve all of your problems and give you a golden ticket for success. Instead, we want to share what worked for us and how we grew out of our conventional IT service provider role into an agile organization capable of providing scalable solutions on demand.

Businesses can no longer rely on legacy technology to remain competitive. Businesses of all sizes and industries must embrace a new approach to technology: Digital Transformation. We, at Advance- a ServiceNow Implementation Expert and a leading Managed Service Provider are your trusted Digital Transformation Partner, awill help you through your process by tapping into the power of ServiceNow.

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Wally is an expert in ITAM Best Practices, both Hardware and Software as well as leads the Business Process Consulting Group. He serves as AVP Digital Transformation.

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