Low-Code/ No-Code Technology to Speed Up Your Business Application Development
Digital Transformation

Low-Code/ No-Code Technology to Speed Up Your Business Application Development

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Faster time to market for your business driving applications.

Businesses have a wide range of possibilities to innovate and boost productivity when they adopt digital transformation.

The emergence of low code/no code platforms like ServiceNow NOW gives businesses a different strategy for accelerating software development at lower costs and shorter time to market.

In contrast to the traditional software development process, which is often longer and more expensive, low code/no code platforms help in the development of enterprise-grade apps with little programming work.

Business Challenge

When market conditions change or a new competitor enters the market, businesses cannot afford to wait. To stay up, there is a need for modernization and business transformation, which involves automating manual operations into digital workflows and creating new workflows to support the evolving business models and operations.

Business demand grows at a faster rate than standard development can support. The need for new workflows and apps grows as a result. Yet, it is challenging to stay up. The expectations of customers are also growing at the same time. Businesses want to provide their customers with a smooth and end-to-end digital experience.


Today’s businesses are in critical need of smart workflow tools like ServiceNow workflow to ensure business continuity and efficiency. Low code/no code solutions provide the agility they need. Companies want these digital solutions, but they also need them to conform to corporate security and scalability standards.

That distinguishes the ServiceNow App Engine.

You can drastically shorten the time it takes to develop, deliver, and market your software products and applications by building apps on the platform.

Regardless of the industry, low code/no code development yields a significant advantage. For instance, consider an employee who works in the office for around 25 hours per week on administrative duties, but the processes do not go as planned and often lead to needless overtime or project delays.

Form filling, document archiving, information collecting, getting approvals, issuing releases, tracking shipments, and other repetitive, paper-based processes are included in many of these procedures.

A low code platform like ServiceNow NOW platform App Engine for building new flexible apps is a smart digital strategy to optimize all these tedious manual operations and will allow the employees to invest more time in higher-value tasks.

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Low code/no code platforms help build software apps without coding and increase efficiency
Harvard Business Review

Faster Speed of Development

To create and deploy fully functional business applications in less time, the low code/ no code development process makes use of intelligent devices, drag-and-drop functionality, pre-built models, ready-made components, templates, and point-and-click editors.
Impact of low code app development for business transformation
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Lower Development Costs

The cost of workflow automation, application development, and system integration are all reduced by low code/no code development. It gets rid of the usual burdens of IT development, which needs more money and IT resources.

Lesser Maintenance Requirements

Low code apps employ pre-built modules during development to get around technological barriers. They thus require less maintenance to run smoothly. They are constructed using pre-made templates and components that can be independently changed or extended without having an impact on the complete ecosystem.


Low code/no code technology is a practical solution for a range of use cases and environments and offers a smart and agile method for developing and enhancing commercial applications. A low code platform can centralize your data, integrate your teams, and simplify your workflows whether you want to use it for finance, healthcare, retail, non-profits, education, manufacturing, or public sector.

If you have decided to embrace the low code/no code platform like ServiceNow NOW Platform to run your business applications, our experts can help you get through. We have the expertise you need to develop faster, more secure, and more scalable business applications while ensuring platform quality, stability, and safety.

Top Business Consulting Services for ServiceNow

Do you want to make ServiceNow work wonders for your business? ServiceNow has got the potential to really turn things around for your business, making everything smoother and more efficient. But, to tap into that potential quickly and without the hassle, you need a leading ServiceNow partner who excels in it. That is where Advance Solutions can support you.

Our ServiceNow implementation experts help businesses unlock the maximum value of the ServiceNow platform and gain a competitive edge in their industry.

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