Organizational Change Management : The Gateway to Successful Digital Transformation Efforts

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on everyone’s personal and professional life. To adapt to the new normal and the changing consumer demands, businesses have been forced to rethink their strategies. In a mere few months, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation trends in most companies and catapulted us to a more digital world than before.

How Successful are the Digital Transformation Efforts?

Unfortunately, many surveys and research indicate low success rates on the number of implemented digital transformation efforts among businesses and companies. That is, only a few posted any sustainable changes and target hits. In a business world where the only options were to digitize or die, many companies were forced to make rapid digital transformation efforts. As a result, striking a balance between the company’s interests, protecting its employees, and great service delivery to consumers proved almost impossible.

For instance, with an extra IT budget to deal with, companies had to come up with ways of maintaining their employees’ productivity as they worked from home. Similarly, a wave of cyber crime targeting remote workers who were no longer working from their corporate networks’ safety hit and affected many companies.

The New Normal Sustainable Digital Transformation Initiatives

It goes without saying that this digital consensus is the new normal and will remain and influence the post-pandemic corporate and business world. Thus, businesses hoping to compete in the future ought to work on sustainable digital transformation initiatives. For example, experts and corporate leaders agree that remote working is here to stay, and many of their workers will continue working from home.

Why Organizational Change Management?

A PMI survey on why many digital transformation efforts fail cited lack of clear objectives, poor communication and project management skills, unfamiliar scope, and unpreparedness as the main reasons. Organizational Change Management (OCM) helps you avoid such setbacks and lose focus by aligning your business goals with the digital transformation, developing a communication strategy, developing a support structure, training everyone, and monitoring your change process.

The importance of OCM in rolling out digital transformation initiatives can, therefore, not be overstated. Effective OCM supports a smooth digital transition guiding employees and other stakeholders through the change journey. Digital transformation does not have to be a complicated process for you. At Advance Solutions, we provide state-of-the-art IT Service Management services to make this journey as smooth as possible for you. We are an Elite ServiceNow Partner, ServiceNow implementation expert and a trusted ServiceNow Managed Service Provider.

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