Digital Transformation

Preparing for the Future of Digital Transformation

At its core, Digital Transformation is not about technology; it’s about change and managing change. Fast-moving technology offers promises of efficiency and production gains, but only if you can manage your employees’ mindset. Converting seamlessly to a digital platform is proving challenging for many businesses. Without a flowing digital transformation, companies that can’t adapt will slow down and lose customers. Change management is where Advance Solutions can help. They specialize in navigating change and communication. Communication is critical, as it is difficult for employees who work remotely.

Why You Need Change Management?

Without effective organizational change management, no digital transformation will take place. 70% of businesses do not reach their goals as they did not handle the change management part of digital transformation. Why is change so difficult even in companies that adapted to their competition successfully.

The Challenges of Change

Transforming into a fast-moving, efficient, digital company provides many difficulties simultaneously; without acknowledging these stumbling blocks and removing them, companies are setting themselves up for failure. Challenges in managing change include:

  • Strategy- You are going to need help managing what your companies goals are. You need a plan that focuses on strategies to improve the adoption of the new digital platform.
  • Adaptability- Now, more than ever, it is crucial to adapt to a changing landscape. Using suggestions from management, workers, and customers are essential to the adaptation.
  • Fear- Change can be scary for the company managers who have to learn new techniques and the employees who may fear being replaced. Managers must embrace change and present it as an opportunity for growth in employees.
  • Communication- None of this matters without communication. Managers need to communicate their strategy, tools for adaptability, and growth to their employees.

Communication and Remote Employees:

Communication is a challenge, especially now when many employees are working remotely. To communicate your vision effectively, you must use:

  • Webinars: You want your webinars to be as useful as they can be, so you need to focus on webinar content, production value, and presentation. It would help if you also concentrated on interactivity to keep workers on-task.
  • Online training videos: Online training is an excellent way to let your employees train 24/7 and at their own pace. Ensure to check the picture quality of the video, so no information is lost.
  • Feedback surveys: Feedback surveys are a great way to measure what your employees understand the effectiveness of the e-learning tools. One can precisely tailor the surveys to find out the information you need.

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