Digital Transformation

Finding the Right Fit for Technological Implementation

It’s exciting to create a product and announce it to the world, but with that comes the need to build an easy-to-use interface—the actual digital foundation that causes everything to run without a problem. However, there are technological challenges to finding an implementation partner who has the same vision as your company. Some top challenges are transitional management, understanding your business requirements, and choosing good implementation tactics. Finding the right technology partner is essential when you consider these challenges.

What Makes a Great Technology Implementation Partner?

Gartner’s study found that through 2021, 90 percent of global organizations’ technological partners will design, build, and implement their digital experience strategies. With the rising costs of software implementations, it is more crucial than ever to find the right partner.

  • Know what the organization’s specific needs are: For any partnership to work, both sides must clearly understand the other’s vision and limitations.
  • Have ownership and commitment over the design: For a successful transformation, the most important factor deciding the outcome of a partnership is the organization’s leaders’ ownership and dedication. This is a level more than understanding. It is a psychological connection that drives personal and proactive decisions and becomes stronger when failure may have adverse consequences.
  • Incentivization: At a fundamental level, successful transformations typically reinforce ownership through clear accountability for specific targets and individual incentives for critical players strongly aligned to success.
  • Your partner needs to understand your employees: Your partner needs to understand what your employees are gaining from the technology: their daily jobs, what makes the jobs difficult, what they like about how the system functions, and what they don’t like. The goal is to set your employees up for success with the technology, so your partner needs to have this goal in mind. Without having a full vision of the company and its workers’ needs, it will be impossible for the designer to fully understand how to assist the user and develop a mutual and organic partnership.

Now that you’ve chosen a partner, how do you know it’s the right fit? When the communication is flowing and the partnership is firm, you should fit together seamlessly. This connection will not happen naturally and will require work, but it is necessary for your mutual success.

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