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A Single, Powerful Solution for All Your Brand Management Activities

Brand management can be a daunting task that entails a multitude of activities, particularly for an entire organization with several branding initiatives. Outdated, legacy methods of managing several channels of information and coordinating between multiple disparate teams and sources can be very challenging and leadership teams often lack visibility to make informed decisions. In light of these challenges, Advance offers a custom unique application built on ServiceNow that streamlines all brand management activities, automates many tasks and tackles various challenges in this space.

Breative is like an umbrella....

Market research teams, R&D, media and ad agencies, product teams, finance teams and brand teams are all working towards reaching a unified objective. But with so many people on the job, manual processes can be fragmented with data silos and poor collaboration with teams unaware of each other’s efforts. In addition, data silos can lead to poor decisions since everyone involved might not be on the same page. This gets compounded by a lack of visibility leading to overall delays in meeting deadlines.

Timing is crucial with any good branding campaign strategy and as such it is imperative that products or services reach their intended audience at the right time in order to achieve their full potential.

Breative provides a single interface to surmount these challenges driving innovation, informed decision-making with comprehensive visibility and faster time to market. Reduce the chaos and inefficiency and turn your brand management into a smooth process by leveraging our offering

Why Choose Breative?

Breative leverages powerful technology that overcomes the challenges of manually managing fragmented brand management activities. This improves efficiency, automating many mundane tasks and drives greater collaboration and innovation with faster time to market.

It also accelerates time to market so campaigns can be deployed faster and your team members can focus on creative, higher-value tasks while the app automates tedious, routine activities.

Powerful centralization through a single interface allows companies to tracks all aspects of a brand from a single source of truth. This centralization ensures that everyone is up to date. Leadership teams are no longer left floundering with a lack of visibility.

Breative also generates dynamic reports regarding branding campaign progress. This is presented in the form of user-friendly, intuitive dashboards that enhance analysis of branding strategy responses so they can tailor future efforts to be more effective. This record of target audience interactions can also help in extracting insights that can be put to use while planning future projects.

Breative can drive greater value for your company by enhancing all aspects of brand management through a single application.

Breative's Capabilities

Breative has comprehensive functionality to manage enterprise-wide, disparate branding activities across various teams and sources of information. Innovative technology and innovation empower your organization’s brand management abilities to boost brand visibility and enhance positioning.

  • Stay informed and up to date at all times thanks to comprehensive visibility.
  • Access data on all brand-related activities from a single, centralized source of truth.
  • Faster time to market thanks to high level of automation.
  • Intuitive and dynamic reports and dashboards empower the leadership team.
  • Streamline and accelerate decision-making to support business agility & innovation.
  • Drive accountability and keep teams’ efforts on track.
  • Device-agnostic – works on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop.
  • Intelligent analytics provide actionable insights to improve branding efforts.
  • Generate reports in real-time as required for decisive action.

Manage enterprise-wide branding activities with a single app.