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Streamline and automate clinical trials with CliniTrialPro

A Single App to Manage Every Aspect of Your Clinical Trials

CliniTrialPro is centered around a detail-oriented approach to managing clinical trial patients.

With CliniTrail Pro, the intelligent automation of all administrative processes revolving around clinical trials can be augmented creating a seamless experience for healthcare staff and patients alike.

The clinical trial onboarding process and all incidents are recorded in one consolidated location.

CliniTrialPro also allows for a more personalized approach by assigning each trial candidate with a personal representative. All call details, verbal consent, other caregiver particulars and additional to candidate information are maintained in a consistent log.

Candidate onboarding is documented in a centralized database and tracks key information that helps keep the trial on track. CliniTrialPro collects and documents information regarding the candidates last appointment, the consulting healthcare professionals assigned to the trail and any medication or procedures prescribed

CliniTrialPro will play a crucial role in creating differentiation in the minds of your target audience.

We Serve

Senior Care Institutions
Hospice & Home Care
Managed Care
Pharmaceutical Companies
Medical Device Manufacturers

Why Choose CliniTrialPro?

Clinical trials struggle with a lack of overall visibility combined with tasking manual processes. There is often little automation for risks and incidents management.

CliniTrailPro automates tasks and augments the successful management of clinical trials. Our application gives thorough and comprehensive real-time visibility into every aspect of the trial.

With CliniTrailPro, organizations obtain best practices insights as well malpractice risks.

Make your institution stronger

Personalize Patient Experience

Improve patient experience and satisfaction through seamless experiences with personalized details at every stage.

Boost Employee Productivity

Improve employee productivity through intuitive, connected solutions that accelerate processes, minimize staff turnover and reduce costs.

Simplify & Automate Workflows

Improve speed and quality with workflows that are streamlined, simplified and automated so you can focus on providing better care for patients.

Ensure Data Privacy & Compliance

Ensure that you protect all patient data, information and medical devices that are connected. Maintain compliance with regulations with minimum hassles.

Scalability On-Demand

Cope with business expansion or a surge in operations due to increased demand thanks to the scalability of cloud architecture.

Easy Integration

Augment your existing systems with our ServiceNow implementation that integrates and works well with them

CliniTrailPro's Capabilities

The Advance clinical trials application has a number of built in capabilities that make conducting clinical trials streamlined, faster, accurate and efficient. The application was designed bearing in mind all the ergonomic aspects of patient handling from a healthcare service provider perspective.

  • Portals for detailed logging of all incident handling provide a comprehensive record that can be accessed as required.
  • Streamlined and fully automated process pipeline for the majority of processes.
  • Simplified search methods that are based on first and last name of patient.
  • Comprehensive mechanism for logging in patient or patient caregiver given verbal consent for procedures.
  • Real-time visibility and insight into trial proceedings.
  • All adverse event escalations can be raised on the application, reported on a daily basis and automatically emailed to a predesignated email address.
  • Onboarding and various incident reports are stored on a consolidated database for reference.
  • High security for patient and healthcare provider records in accordance with privacy laws.
  • A complete consolidated record base to trace any errors or mishaps.
  • The app is device agnostic. It be accessed from a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Run clinical trials with ease using Advance’s custom app.