Preventt - Retail Loss Prevention

Leverage Advance’s Innovative Digital App For Preventing Loss

Tackle Loss Prevention with a Custom App

The retail sector is highly prone to the theft of products and can lead to loss of business or revenue shrink. The primary contributors are internal employee issues or external customer shoplifting. Losses from these two factors alone account for up to 70% of a retail company’s shrink. However, loss also occurs due to fraudulent activities on the vendor’s part. Administrative paperwork being entered incorrectly or being misplaced in some cases can lead to numbers being reflected incorrectly giving the impression of having more stock than present in inventory.

Advance’s app provides end-to-end capabilities to minimize losses. It provides visibility and accountability and you can manage every loss and case from logging to closure. It surmounts typical hurdles in loss prevention such as lack of visibility, lack of tracking and so on. Retailers have had massive success leveraging our app to tackle loss prevention variations across store locations and product ranges.

Why choose Preventt?

Preventt is the perfect solution to address the universal retail predicament of loss prevention. It is tailored to address how products go missing or get stolen, empowering retail organization the ability to track and manage all types of losses. It equips retailers with the tool to apply the most robust process that minimizes the issue. By identifying the sources from which your goods are being stolen, retailers can now be proactive about loss prevention.

Preventt provides actionable reporting and analysis by product line or store location that can contribute to understanding key sources of losses. Improved analysis and accountability enables understanding patterns and trends that lead to such losses enables you to improve processes accordingly.

The Advance loss prevention application allows for anyone to report a loss or a theft. Once logged, it is then investigated, tracked and sent for reporting and analysis. From this we glean actionable insights that can help you place effective mitigative measures in place to reduce the overall stock levels lost due to theft or administrative mishaps.

Preventt's Capabilities

Preventt is highly intuitive and designed for retailers. Minimal training is required and the app provides on-demand reporting so your team can respond to issues faster. You can even customize the app to meet your specific needs.

  • Complete visibility of all losses with ability to drill-down to products and stores.
  • Case management that tracks internal and external cases.
  • Convenient portal for managing losses.
  • Customized pdf reports generated for cases.
  • Assessments of stores, directors and new stores.
  • Customized incident communication based on threat level.
  • Robust actionable reporting across all store locations and losses.
  • Analytical capabilities that provide insight into patterns of loss.
  • Improved accountability enables stronger mitigation of losses.
  • Device-agnostic – works on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop.

Minimize retail losses with Advance’s loss prevention app.