A modern approach to fast and efficient service delivery for citizens.
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Modernize Citizen Services

CityCloud™ application is Built on Now. CityCloud™ leverages many of the platform capabilities, and provides several exciting innovative capabilities as well.

CityCloud™ is an innovative solution for local governments that modernizes citizen services. At the heart of the solution are features like a public portal, mobile, web forms for services, event sign up, automated workflows and content management.

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CityCloud is there at every step of the citizen engagement journey.

CityCloud's Capabilities

A modern approach to fast and efficient service delivery for citizens. Here's what it can do for you :

Key Features for Citizens

  • Self-service for registration, events
  • Knowledge base, catalogue, directory & how-to-guides
  • Monitor status of requests and cases
  • Digitize documents and records
  • Multi-cultural language ability

Key Features for Civic Employees

  • Auto route requests to right department
  • End to End automated workflows
  • Document management solution
  • Role based data & information security
  • PI, Data Validation, Reporting, Analytics

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Local governments and municipalities require a holistic citizen engagement platform that truly helps them transform the way they serve, engage, and communicate with their citizens. Read this paper to learn more about an advanced citizen engagement platform like CityCloud that can assist in simplifying, integrating, and streamlining the way governments deliver citizen services digitally, disseminate public information, address citizen grievances, and understand their needs and priorities.

CityCloud Whitepaper

Streamline your citizen engagement journey with our cloud based solution.