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ServiceNow Acquires Intella, an end-to-end talent acquisition solution by Advance Solutions

Discover how INTELLA streamlines employee lifecycle management for enhanced efficiency, engagement, and employee experience.

Deploy a Seamless Recruitment Pipeline

Intella’s automated end-to-end application provides a seamless experience for recruiters and applicants. It accelerates every stage of the recruitment process such as creating a vacancy, requisition, shortlisting candidates, and the final hire. Intella also provides role-based access rights. Users can oversee access to various features and capabilities creating visibility and access to only those with the role-based access rights. By using Intella, HR teams will increase the level of confidentiality and cyber security.

Intella enables centralized storage of all of the information regarding the recruitment of new employees. To know more about Intella visit the Intella product site.

HR departments stay on top of the total number of applicants, the status of their applications, shortlisted candidates, and so on.

In addition, applicants can easily view their progress on a single portal. This will allow for ease of collaboration between hiring teams, interviewers with their corresponding feedback, and so on.

Accelerate HR Recruitment

The typical procedure for recruiting new candidates can be tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. It often creates a range of bottlenecks throughout recruitment and HR processes. Our ServiceNow application lets you track all respondents with an automated ecosystem founded on ServiceNow’s cloud platform. The app ensures that the confidentiality of all information is maintained at every level so that your company does not have to compromise on regulatory compliance at any point in time.

You can cut the time you spend on recruitment processes by 70% with our HR-customized recruitment application. Save an annual equivalent of thousands of dollars in Returns on Investment by making such recruitment portals available for your enterprise. Create an enjoyable experience for the representatives hiring as well as applicants for faster outcomes.

Applicant Tracking App Capabilities

The Advance HR application unifies a number of disparate sources of information into one streamlined process to ease the recruitment procedure overall. Here’s what we can do.

  • A user-friendly interface for recruiters, higher executives, and applicants
  • Real-time visibility into every stage of hiring
  • Automation of tasks & seamless collaboration
  • Candidate profiles and resume management
  • Integration to job portal sites & options for employee referral
  • User-friendly, self-service reports and dashboards
  • Multi-level built-in security
  • Massive ROI for recruitment
  • Ensure data privacy & confidentiality
  • Reduce time spent on the hiring process by 70%

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