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Tech Stack Your Non-profit Can’t Miss

NPSM Cloud is specifically designed for Non-Profits to help them in their Digital Transformation journey. It reduces dependencies on multiple apps and cuts through all the digital clutter with a single cloud-based comprehensive management solution for cases (grants, procurement, finance, operations, etc.), travel and expenses, identity and access, donation and campaigns, talent, and documentation and much more.

  • A bundle of business management applications for non-profits.
  • A cutting-edge service management solution for over 30 non-profit business processes.
  • A case management platform created exclusively for non-profits.
  • A SaaS solution built on ServiceNow & Salesforce by Advance Solutions, an elite ServiceNow partner.

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Why Choose Npsm For Your Non-profit?

1. Specifically Designed for Non-Profit Workflows

The workflows by NPSM Cloud are defined taking into consideration the daily operations of Non-profit organizations.

2. Built on ServiceNow, one of the best Enterprise platforms

ServiceNow, a platform designed to manage everything as a service, makes it easier than ever for modern businesses to scale up and operate more quickly.

3. Single Platform with a comprehensive solution with 20+ applications meeting most of Non-profit needs

The built-in modules and features are centred on addressing communication needs and automating monotonous tasks.

4. Budget Friendly! So, you can spend more on causes you care about.

NPSM Cloud is mindful to the nature of Non-profit organizations, and we are delighted to help you in contributing to your charitable acts.

5. Robust innovation roadmap with guidance from many UN agencies

The principal objective of NPSM is to deliver outstanding experiences which are both user and service related.


A powerful platform with 25+ applications offers several benefits:

  • Keep Non-profits More Organized – Enables to build customized dashboards for different teams to help the workforce perform and manage their jobs seamlessly.
  • Boost Operational Efficiency – Helps in building strong communication networks between the workforce and non-profit partners. As a result, operational efficiency will increase, which will ultimately aid in achieving the specified objectives within the time frames.
  • Customization – With this option, Non-profits can easily tailor the common features and functionalities that support the achievement of their specific goals.
  • Reporting and Analytics – The correct visualisation tools from NPSM can make all the difference in how quickly and efficiently your daily information transforms into insights you can use to accomplish your mission.
  • 24/7 Support for P1 issues and Virtual Agent – With NPSM Cloud, you’ll always have access to experts with the best solutions. Furthermore, its virtual agent will assist you in connecting with speedy support, whether you need technical assistance or dashboard assistance.
  • Minimal ServiceNow Implementation Cost – One of the most essential reasons to use NPSM is its low implementation cost. Now, non-profits can focus their financial resources on their major goals

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