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Transform Your Business with Digital Transformation Advisory Service

Comprehensive Advisory Services

Prespective and depth to drive digital transformation


Prespective and depth to drive digital transformation.


Prescriptive approach and industry best practices for future outcomes


Flawless project managament and implementation methodology

Current State

Assessment and analysis of business needs

Future state

Forward-thinking business practices and methodologies that will drive success


Unlock operational efficiency by tracking & monitoring performance

Comprehensive Advisory Services

Unlock maximum value from digital transformation efforts based on sound strategy from comprehensive analysis and years of experience.

Current State
Future State

Holistic Approach Covers Every Layer of Transformation

Organizational readiness for change is not only a multi-level construct, but a multi-faceted one.

Operating Model Layer

Envision the digital organization and how it fits into the overall organization. Pick a centralized, decentralized or hybrid governance model.

People Layer

Consider the organization of people from both business unit and geographic perspectives including lines of reporting and parameters of control.

Technology Layer

Decide which applications must be digitally transformed for improvement of processes, compliance, internal controls, report generation and so on.

Channels Layer

Determine the various digital channels to integrate into the Digital Strategy. Make a decision on specific channel selection and cross-channel integration or collaboration.

Process Layer

Map process steps including links across functions or departments. Document policies & procedures to be followed at each step. Envision how to optimize processes.

Service Layer

Enhance how services are delivered. This includes Shared Services Center, Center of Excellence, Business Partnering, Self Service, and outsourcing concepts.

Advisory Services

Quantifiable Transformative Strategies

ADVANCE is here to help you every step of the way. Our detailed transformative roadmaps are founded in manageable, scalable and upgradable solutions that leverage technology to improve your business processes.

Experienced ServiceNow Guidance

As an Elite ServiceNow partner with more than fifteen years in ServiceNow partnership experience, our consultants can guide you with ITSM, ITOM, CSM, ITBM, HR and GRC best practices.

Solutions for Sustained Success

ADVANCE can equip your enterprise with time-tested knowledge. As ServiceNow’s leading CSAT score you can benefit from our experience in delivering solutions that work specifically for you.

Organizational Change Management for Guaranteed ROI

Leverage our global resources and best practice guidance from our highly certified ServiceNow experts and witness significant ROI.

Tailor Made Application Services

ADVANCE can take you one step further with our custom designed applications. Our experts have created several applications for processes not offered by ServiceNow.

Launch Your Digital Transformation for Maximum ROI with Advance’s Advisory Services.