ServiceNow ITBM Quebec Release Highlights
ServiceNow’s Quebec Release

ServiceNow ITBM Quebec Release Highlights

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ServiceNow has been in the software domain for quite a while and has released several updates over the years to cater to the constant industry changes. As technology takes over key areas in different industries, ServiceNow ITBM has grown from only serving IT to various departments within the organization for effective management.

Clients’ challenges while using previous releases have prompted the digital organization to develop upgrades such as the Quebec, Rome, and San Diego releases. The purpose is to resolve these challenges by updating and improving their service provision systems, among them the user interface from a mobile application to machine-learning capabilities that digitally transform their services.

Challenges Resolved by Upcoming ServiceNow Quebec Release

Inefficient Project Management
Portfolio managers are usually tasked with several vital tasks within the organization, including client consultation on investment, offering financial guidance and advice, and maximizing investment returns, among other duties. IT Portfolio Management in ServiceNow can efficiently keep tabs on demands, projects, and programs.

Outdated Legacy IT Service Request Process
Completing IT service requests usually takes longer when done via legacy, manual processes, including emailing clients and in-person questions. In addition, traditional methods result in low IT performance, limited efficiency, improper resource utilization, and managerial costs and overheads.

ServiceNow Quebec release is aimed at automating service delivery for more agile and intelligent IT business management. With the help of an AI-powered dashboard feature, it offers ServiceNow tools such as chatbots and mobile apps for a streamlined communication process.

Generating Personalized Experiences
In the current age of consumerization and an experience-oriented economy, it is not enough to only engage with customers. This means not restricting services to your company’s web portal but utilizing digital solutions such as messaging apps and smartphones to enhance the client’s experience.

ServiceNow Quebec release integrates these tools with customer management solutions to enhance customer satisfaction, which increases retention while reducing costs of operation.

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