ServiceNow’s San Diego Release

ServiceNow’s new San Diego release for App Engine & UI/UX

With the Release of the new San Diego version of ServiceNow, ADVANCE, an Elite ServiceNow Partner is excited to share with you the top features to watch out for this season! Have a quick read of what’s new and share with us your feedback or any queries on how we can implement this for you in the fastest and most efficient manner possible here!

App Engine

1.Table Builder – A new way to manage tables within an application. Ability to easily define new fields, quickly configure properties, and access form builder.
Excitement factor: New easy way for non-technical users to make changes to tables. Documentation
Image 1: Accessing Table Builder

Image 2: Adding a new field with Table Builder

2.Form Builder – A new way to create forms. Able to add in features that would normally require configuring or coding with an easy visual interface.
Excitement factor: Non-technical users will have a very visual interface to make updates to forms, and be able to make changes without any in depth knowledge.Documentation
Image 1: Preview complete form

Image 2: Applying configurations to a field

Image 3 (GIF): Applying an annotation to a field


Next Experience UI – Full overhaul of the ServiceNow UI.
Excitement factors: First major overhaul of the ServiceNow UI in many years. Workspaces becoming a feature of the UI instead of being lost in modules. Dark mode.
Image 1: Landing page

Image 2: Dark mode

Image 3: Top banner breakdown

ADVANCE, a ServiceNow Implementation Expert and a leading Managed Service Provider has UI/UX Expertise that can help analyze your workflows iteratively to identify the ideal flows for your business.

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As our App Engine & UI/UX Practice Lead, Christopher steers the efforts in developing and publishing our ServiceNow applications. He ensures that our clients have clear and consistent experiences throughout our apps and projects, while also maintaining functional and aesthetically pleasing products.

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