Enhance Security Operations

Protect your business and improve security operations.

Eliminate IT silos and Expedite Processes Across Security and Risk Teams

Reduce business risks with better visibility, orchestration, and automation of risk controls. ServiceNow enables your teams to identify and prioritize security incidents quickly. Replace manual effort with automated processes that boost efficiency and empower security teams to handle more cases more cases easily.

Accelerate Response Times

Minimize business-critical consequences of attacks by speeding up security responses. Automate routine tasks that don’t require human intervention to ensure your team focuses on only the most critical incidents. Empower your security agents with insights that help them quickly remediate business-critical vulnerabilities.

Integrate Security and IT

Provide a single platform for your IT and security teams to collaborate on incidents and hand-off seamlessly. Compare incident details from vulnerability scanning tools and Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to get the full context of issues in terms of your business and IT services. Import suspicious activities in your IT infrastructure from your security tools like QRadar, Splunk, Rapid7, etc. to remediate risk postures.

Real-Time Visibility for Your Security Posture

Use a role-based dashboard and reports to keep track of security issues. Enrich security incident records with detailed information that enables your security teams to analyze deep threats. Consolidate security incidents and indicators of compromise, along with performance analytics, to get a clear view of your security infrastructure and team performance

Reliable Security Expertise

As an Elite ServiceNow partner, our experts have abundant experience with managing security risks and solving threats with ServiceNow. Leverage our expertise to implement this cloud platform to prioritize threats better and speed up identification and remediation of threats. Our experts help you use the ServiceNow platform to monitor all activities in an incident life cycle and generate post-incident reviews for historical audit records.

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