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ServiceNow's Tokyo Release

Top Picks- ServiceNow Tokyo Release

(Early Availability)

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Features & Highlights

If you use ServiceNow, you are aware of what the Now Platform is capable of. It is regarded as the platform of platforms, connecting individuals, operations, and systems throughout your company. It’s now time for the Tokyo, Q3 ’22 release.

Look at the features of the Tokyo Release Now Platform as per the Early Availability Release (August 4, 2022) to see how it may advance and accelerate your digital transformation and discover –

  • Enhancements to the process of developing applications
  • A new, efficient method for managing security data
  • New capabilities to speed up upgrading times

Top 5 Features from Tokyo Release Now Platform

Here is a brief of the new and amazing features unlocked in the Tokyo Release:

1. Introduction of App Engine Management Center

  • Evaluate and minimize possible risks of applications and deployment sprawl.
  • Track adoption and find bottlenecks in deployments.
  • Configure pipeline for multiple deployment processes.

2. Flow Integration to Table Builder in the App Engine

  • Easy to drive a table-centric build process.
  • Guided experience in the context of the table.
  • Compete with other low-code platforms.

3. ATF AI Test Generation & Cloud Runner

  • AI-powered regression testing.
  • Simplified automated testing with hosted headless testing.
  • Save time on testing app stability and quality.

4. Introduction of Admin Center

  • Receive smart and personalized application recommendations based on instance maturity.
  • Optimized for the Next Experience but also available in the classic UI.

5. Multilingual Notification Support

  • Create translated ‘versions’ of email notifications, layouts, and templates.
  • Each recipient is sent a message in their preferred language (if available.)
  • Translation request system is now built in.

Tokyo Early Availability Release Highlights

1. Customer Experience

  • Customer Service Management: Quick customer case resolution with AI and automation. Also, streamline business processes at both internal and external sites.
  • Field Service Management: This includes territory planning, schedule optimization, Optimization of inventory management and enhancements in capacity and reservation management.

2. Technology Excellence

  • ITSM- Admin Center: Simplify the setup and configuration of licensed products.
  • ITOM- Rapid root cause analysis: Examine how DevOps configuration item (CI) changes affect configuration data values.
  • CMDB- Smart detection for CMDB attestation: Use the attestation widget to verify important CIs (Configuration items) are present.

3. Operating Excellence

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance: Monitor and predict repercussions and disruption scenarios to resolve service outages before they become a business risk.
  • Strategic Portfolio Management: Create personalized status reports and provide process managers with tools to re-project costs when changes are made.

4. Automation and Low Code

  • App Engine: Enhancements in Flow Designer and Process Automation Designer along with pro development improvements. you can convert ServiceNow Store apps to in-development apps and submit deployments concurrently without causing conflicts.

5. Now Platform

  • Next Experience UI: Install and configure ServiceNow solutions using a guided experience and utilize log analytics data and cross-platform user experience in a dedicated workspace.
  • Now Intelligence: Workflow intelligence to deliver quick resolutions powered by AI, improved process optimization with multi-dimensional process mining. There are also advances in AI search and improvements to virtual agents.
  • Service Now Mobile: Improvements to Mobile Agent and increase agent productivity by creating, editing, and reading records offline.
  • Platform Security: Cost-effective platform encryption and enhance secure authentication for ServiceNow instances on registered and trusted mobile devices.

6. Platform Foundation

  • Improvements to the Automated Testing Framework (ATF): AI-powered automated testing and verification can raise the calibre of apps and quicken testing times.
  • Upgrade plans: By bundling programmes across several instances in an upgrade plan, upgrades can be accelerated and made simpler.

About Advance Solutions (ADVANCE)

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