Top Picks from ServiceNow Tokyo Release
ServiceNow's Tokyo Release

Top Picks from ServiceNow Tokyo Release

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The ServiceNow Tokyo release is designed to improve employee and customer experiences, boost automation and operational trust, and increase value in ways that are favorable for people, beneficial to the planet, and good for business profitability.

As a leading ServiceNow partner, Advance Solutions is excited to dive into the highlights of the ServiceNow Tokyo release.

1. Customer Service Management: Order Management & Task Intelligence

A. Order Management

The ServiceNow Order Management application in customer service management allows you to build products and services, take and manage client orders, create product catalogues, add pricing, and arrange products into bundles. The ServiceNow Tokyo release improved and modified Order Management. Admins can now:

  • create products and catalogue them for easy viewing.
  • view the status of an order through the customer support portal.
  • add pricing to each product attributes.
  • create appealing bundles of products and sell more of them.

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B. Task Intelligence
Using automation and predictive artificial intelligence (AI), Task Intelligence helps boost agent efficiency. A lot of time is spent on repetitive, self-solvable issues, data input, and acquiring context from recent customer activities. Task Intelligence capabilities bring AI to the spotlight, providing you with the tools you need to resolve cases more quickly and with greater empathy.

You can now use an AI model pre-trained in multiple languages to understand text in emails and cases created in different languages and to predict and automatically populate fields on the case form and much more.

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2. IT Service Management

With its cutting-edge approach to managing the lifecycle of all changes in your business, the ServiceNow Change Management application enables high-velocity change without sacrificing stability and governance. The ServiceNow Tokyo release improved and updated change management, the highlights are below –

  • Visually track the health of a change model or type’s change process. The Risk Scoring Capability uses the process health as a parameter.
  • By adding next-generation risk features to your current change process, you can increase accuracy and drive more change automation.

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Advance Solutions can guide you through a successful ServiceNow implementation to leverage these new features.

3. IT Asset Management

Software licensing, compliance, and optimization are all systematically tracked, assessed, and managed by the ServiceNow Software Asset Management product. In the ServiceNow Tokyo release, the highlights for Software Asset Management solution are below –

  • Enhance your user experience by renewing your software contracts using the Contract renewal workflow.
  • Utilize the SaaS playbook to streamline the integration of your SaaS apps and manage Workday application licensing to save costs associated with SaaS.
  • Utilize publisher-based improvements for IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft as well as unlimited licensing support to monitor and manage your perpetual software licenses.
  • Utilize the Cloud Insights and Cloud Migration Assessment apps to calculate the costs of moving your on-premises resources to public cloud platforms.
4. Employee Experience Management: Manager Hub

The emphasis on personalized user and employee experiences is a key component of this new release. The new ‘Manager Hub’ service will tackle managers’ biggest challenges, such as burnout and increasing pressure while managing the employees.

Manager Hub, which is part of the company’s employee workflows, offers self-service functionalities to business managers who want to connect with their teams more effectively. It enables managers to look at their team and learn precisely what is going on with everyone, who is transferring jobs, who is taking specialized training courses, and who is up for promotion, all in one location.

Manager Hub, accessible via Employee Center desktop and mobile, provides a specific location for managers to design and analyze employee journeys, handle requests, and give personalized training and resources to help managers improve as leaders.

5. Document Intelligence

The Tokyo release includes a new application called Document Intelligence. The ServiceNow® Document Intelligence application is a machine learning (ML) solution that assists in rapidly and correctly extracting information from documents and transferring it to the Now Platform.

It helps to:

  • Increase the speed with which structured and semi-structured documents such as forms, IDs, and others are extracted.
  • Intelligently automate with responsible, feedback-driven AI for continuous learning.
  • Integrate document processing procedures into workflows with ease.

The features of Document Intelligence include:

  • Extracting data and text, uploading single or multi-page documents in JPEG, PNG, or PDF formats.
  • Creating definitions and keys to instruct the system on what to parse and retrieve from the definitions.
  • Receiving ideas for data and text extraction kinds from your documents.
  • Viewing, evaluating, and assessing your extraction usage and efficacy through the Document Intelligence dashboard.

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6. HRSD: NAVEX EthicsPoint & Agent WorkSpace

A. NAVEX EthicsPoint
An HR Agent can work on employee relation cases from a ServiceNow instance by using the application that integrates ServiceNow® Employee Relations with NAVEX EthicsPoint. This application pulls employee relation cases from NAVEX EthicsPoint into ServiceNow Platform.

After you configure the Employee Relations integration with the NAVEX EthicsPoint application, Navex EthicsPoint integration services are automatically generated in the Enterprise Service Management Integrations Framework. To pull and push information on employee relationship cases, the flows in integration Services communicate with the Navex EthicsPoint system.

B. Agent WorkSpace

As an HR agent, you utilize the HR Service Delivery Agent Workspace or the HR Case Management Agent Workspace to communicate with staff members, address questions, and speedily handle problems.

An HR agent can:

  • Chat with the staff and make or complete their requests.
  • Respond to employee calls by creating or completing their requests.
  • Create new HR cases or finish existing ones.
  • View data pertaining to the employee or the case.
  • By using the employee’s address, location, or other HR profile information, you can find the employee and confirm that they are the right one.
  • View and manage the case list.

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7. Enterprise Asset Management

Tokyo now incorporates Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), which is focused on the entire lifecycle of physical company assets – from planning to retirement – for sectors such as healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing, and government. For asset-intensive organizations, use the EAM application to maximize the quality and performance of assets by lowering downtime, raising asset utilization, and extending asset lifespan while lowering operating costs.

According to ServiceNow, EAM keeps costs down, avoids risks, and optimizes strategic planning by providing insight over the whole asset estate of the enterprise. EAM also strives to improve inventory levels for buyers and run stockrooms effectively to maximize asset life and properly utilize current assets.
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About Advance Solutions (ADVANCE)

ADVANCE is recognized as one of the leading ServiceNow Implementation Experts by Gartner’s Market Guide for ServiceNow Consulting, Implementation, and Managed Services 2022, and ISG Provide Lens ServiceNow Ecosystem Partners US 2022 Quadrant Report. We have 800+ certified specialists that have rolled out 1000+ integrations and helped 25% of the Fortune 100 companies succeed in their digital transformation journey.

As a certified ServiceNow partner with extensive experience in ServiceNow implementations, Advance Solutions can help you unlock the full potential of this release.

If you want to unlock the value of ServiceNow faster, more efficiently and with confidence, let’s connect.

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