ServiceNow’s Vancouver Release

Understand and Unleash the Power of ServiceNow Now Assist for Service & Operations Management

For business leaders who want to transform their business operations, the latest ServiceNow Vancouver Release has introduced a smart tool called ServiceNow Now Assist. It taps into the power of Generative AI to improve different areas like IT Service Management (ITSM), Customer Service Management (CSM), Human Resource Service Delivery (HRSD), and Creator. These changes could totally change how organizations do their work.

Let us understand the impact of Now Assist in each of these fields.

I. ServiceNow Now Assist for ITSM: Enhancing Employee Experience and Boosting Agent Productivity

In the constantly evolving IT landscape, enterprise IT leaders are challenged to provide exceptional support and service to employees. Now Assist for ITSM empowers organizations to take control of their IT experience. By giving direct solutions instead of search results, agents can fix problems faster without users having to say things again. It also makes summaries of issues and how they were fixed, which helps organizations manage problems better and faster.

How it Benefits Businesses
Businesses can expect faster and more efficient IT support. Now Assist for ITSM reduces resolution times, minimizes user frustration, and empowers IT teams to work more effectively. This translates to improved employee satisfaction and operational efficiency.

II. ServiceNow Now Assist for CSM: Elevating Customer Service Efficiency and Excellence

For satisfactory customer service, efficiency and excellence are key. Now Assist for CSM quickly makes summaries for cases and chats, which means agents do not have to do as much manual work and can solve customer problems more quickly. Customers also get a better self-service experience, with easy access to information that helps them find answers fast. This reduces the number of cases and lowers costs for your business.

How it Benefits Businesses
Businesses can anticipate more organized customer service operations, which will bring cost savings, quicker problem-solving, and happier customers. The self-service tools also lower the number of cases support agents have to handle, making their workloads lighter.

III. ServiceNow Now Assist for HRSD: Empowering HR Leaders to Drive Operational Efficiency

HRSD is all about driving productivity and operational efficiency while ensuring that employees have access to the information they need. Now Assist for HRSD reduces redundant manual tasks for HR teams. HR managers can now handle issues, ranging from payroll discrepancies to paperwork changes, without the need to sift through a mountain of information. They can review instant summaries of case topics, previous chat history, Virtual Agent interactions, as well as previous resolutions and actions taken. This contextual information equips HR teams with the tools they need to solve problems swiftly and with confidence.

How it Benefits Businesses
HR teams can improve their efficiency by cutting down on manual tasks and having the information they need right at their fingertips. This results in quicker problem-solving and higher productivity.

IV. ServiceNow Now Assist for Creator: Boosting App Development Efficiency

When it comes to making and expanding apps on the Now Platform, it is crucial for development teams to do it fast and well. That is where Now Assist for Creator comes in. It was made to help development teams do this job efficiently. It is like a tool that has been trained using high-quality code from ServiceNow, so it can create better and more scalable results. It even has a cool feature called text-to-code, which can turn regular words into high-quality code suggestions, and sometimes even complete code.

How it Benefits Businesses
Development teams can now make and expand apps in a smarter way, making sure they are better in quality and can grow easily. The text-to-code feature helps save time on coding, which means apps can be developed more quickly and everyone can get more work done.

Summing Up

The introduction of generative AI through ServiceNow Now Assist is a notable change for businesses seeking to transform their enterprise operations. By integrating these powerful tools into your organization, you can empower your IT, customer service, HR, and development teams to operate more efficiently and deliver a superior experience.

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