Why Investing In ITOM Pays Off ?

Many companies have turned to ITOM systems that provide a degree of automation for discovering, monitoring and controlling how IT manages the enterprise. IT Operations Management (ITOM) entails managing the numerous physical and virtual components of an organization’s IT infrastructure in order to ensure their availability, health and performance. This spans cloud and on-premise resources including services, storage, applications, hardware, networking and so on. The key is enabling these components to work smoothly with other infrastructure components.

Modern ITOM solutions have been rising in popularity over the last decade and it was estimated that ITOM software’s revenue was $9.5 billion globally in 2018. Moreover, massive growth is predicted at a CAGR of 6.9% from 2019 to 2023 indicating a huge rise in companies implementing modern ITOM solutions.

The primary benefit of implementing a platform for ITOM is that it simplifies managing infrastructure and services. This is vital for businesses that have a high level of dependency on IT and in today’s digital age many businesses in a range of industries have this dependency. They can benefit from leveraging an ITOM system that helps maintain IT infrastructures that are both agile and robust while managing IT operations accurately and efficiently.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the benefits of investing in an ITOM system such as ServiceNow.

1. Enhanced Visibility Drives a Pro-active Approach

Gain comprehensive visibility across your organization’s IT infrastructure, applications and services. This allows you to monitor resource and service health. This shifts ITOM from being reactive to a pro-active system that tracks service performance and has a preventive approach, providing deeper insights into how to optimize service delivery, performance and costs.

2. Simplify ITOM for Faster Resolutions

Some ITOM solutions such as ServiceNow provide orchestration that enables automation of many IT and business processes that fall under the ITOM umbrella. You’ll be able to automate the discovery and service mapping of IT resources across cloud and on-premise. One aspect of orchestration entails much swifter remediation of typical service issues. Options for the codeless automation of various activity packs, third-party software and other automation applications serve to streamline and simplify ITOM.

3. Boost Productivity

You’ll be able to resolve issues and queries much faster thanks to data collected from periodic monitoring of the performance of IT infrastructure components. It is much easier to manage and optimize the delivery of cloud services across multi-cloud environments and self-service options minimize risks.

4. Enable Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

The platform provides disaster management recovery capabilities that help ensure business continuity even in the event of an unforeseen disaster.

5. Lower Operational Costs

Implementing an effective ITOM solution drastically reduces costly escalations and fixes. This ultimately leads to significantly lower operational costs whether your IT infrastructure and services are on-premise, on the cloud, a hybrid, or in a multi-cloud environment.

6. Minimize Downtime

A proactive approach that harnesses predictive intelligence and real-time visibility empowers you to identify and fix issues ahead of time. This practically eliminate device downtime.

7. Better End-User Experience

Identifying issues pro-actively with a faster Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) provides a more satisfactory end-user experience of your organization. Moreover, a platform such as ServiceNow provides a user-friendly interface as well as a unified platform for multiple operations.

8. Ability to Scale

Scaling up is a challenge for any business but is imperative for business growth. Modern ITOM solutions are architected so they can easily scale as your business requirements evolve.

9. Easy Integration

Some modern ITOM solutions can easily integrate with your existing ecosystem of monitoring tools, software for asset management, cloud platforms and so on. This makes it easier to get up and running, reaping benefits from the ITOM solution without the need for a significant infrastructure overhaul.

Companies who have leveraged modern solutions such as ServiceNow for ITOM have reduced service outages by 80% and shifted towards a zero-incident work environment with resolution of incidents in just minutes. As you can see, you can boost infrastructure performance tremendously and enhance ITOM efficiency by investing in an ITOM solution such as ServiceNow.

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