Sustainability Policy

Our Environment. Our Responsibility

Advance Solutions is dedicated to implementing sustainable business strategies into practice in a way that is both socially and environmentally responsible. We recognize the significance of preserving natural resources.  Every Advance Solutions employee is empowered to make a difference thanks to our comprehensive approach to sustainability initiatives.


All ASC employees, associates, stakeholders, and third parties that carry out tasks for and on behalf of ADVANCE are subject to the terms of this policy. It covers the products and services we employ, the ones we run ourselves, and the ones we offer to clients. ASC is dedicated to creating a society that is sustainable and actively manages its business operations to achieve a balance between its social, environmental, and economic goals.


To establish a practical framework for achieving ASC’s goal of building a sustainable society by safeguarding and, in certain cases, strengthening the Group’s social, environmental, and economic impacts, preventing pollution, lowering social inequality, and promoting sustainable economic growth as part of the transition to a low-carbon future.


  • Enforce the corporate sustainable development strategy, which addresses strong governance, project and enterprise risk management, and emerging risks.
  • Assess risk and implement actions to mitigate consequences that may have an impact on the company’s long-term viability in economic, social, environmental and governance aspects.
  • Adherence to merit and integrity in company operations, as well as complying with the law, regulations, procedures, processes, and standards set by regulatory authorities and acknowledged globally.
  • Uphold and abide by the principles and practices outlined in the business’s code of conduct as well as any applicable effective policies, rules, announcements, and orders.
  • Seek guidelines for developing and constantly improving the efficiency of all business activities by establishing the target, evaluation techniques, monitoring, and sustainability assessment.
  • Encourage and assist all suppliers, stakeholders, and business partners to conduct business by sustainable development principles.
  • Encourage and instill a culture of social responsibility, environmental conservation, and safety on an ongoing basis.
  • Consider others’ rights, safety, and well-being while being mindful of your privacy, confidentiality, and information disclosure. Take care to ensure the security of your workers, employees, and corporate assets.
  • Collaborate with the public sector, industrial associations, commercial partners, civil society, and other stakeholders to establish and/or implement sustainability standards and practices that are widely accepted in the industry and/or relevant sectors.
  • Invest in creating a better environmental management system and adopting new methodologies to increase the effectiveness of managing and controlling environmental quality.