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Expand Identity and Access Management with Advance

Managers are likely to face a consistent onslaught of resources that are both onboarded and offboarded on a regular basis.

They are unsatisfied with your current Identity Access Management (IAM) systems. Advance offers custom ServiceNow applications that can seamlessly oversee a range of compliance procedures, manage the nuances of multiple access providers, maintain third-part access provider integrations, top notch tools for generating reports, and an overall enhanced user experience for all parties involved.

Unified Security & Access Management

IDAM is custom built with all of your identity and access management needs in mind. With complete automation enablement it is equipped with plug and play configurations and allows you to track access from various points. IDAM comes with privileged access management, role-based approval systems, agent workspace experience and a number of additional automated cloud administrative services that are not limited by physical presence in an office.

IDAM allows you to unify access regulation across entities regardless of whether it is an external application or mainframe network folders. You can streamline operations and alleviate pressure on IT or IAM personnel.

IDAM's Capabilities

IDAM is built to meet the needs of a wide variety of industry partners. Here's what it can do for you :

  • Access can be provided to new users in just minutes
  • User-friendly dashboards provide comprehensive visibility
  • Automatic termination of access lowers risks
  • Automate onboarding, offboarding and promotion workflows
  • Summarization for role-defined sanctions
  • CMDB provides centralized storage
  • Access management dashboards
  • Audit trail thanks to transparent access request process
  • Ensure GDPR compliance
  • Permission-related group administration

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Streamline and automate security and access management with a single app.