EZOffice - Facilities Asset Management

Manage your Office Space with Ease through a Single App

What is EZOFFICE 2.0

EZOFFICE 2.0 is a custom application that enables you to manage your entire office space across multiple locations in real time. You will have comprehensive information about entire office space at your finger tips. Below are key features of this tool:

  • Enables customers to easily manage office space
  • Be it cubicles, conference rooms, break-out areas or just highlighting exits, intuitive GUI enables customers to manage all this in just few clicks
  • Color coded defined space display – can be configured as per the requirement
  • Has flexible architecture and is not only limited to managing office spaces
  • Application can be customized for any industry, whether its retail, manufacturing, Services, finance or CPG

How Does it Work?

EZOFFICE 2.0 is integrated and works closely with Service-Now modules:

  • Admins can simply upload a map and start managing in the very next click
  • Drag & Drop feature makes it really easy to move people (or items)
  • Mouse over displays detailed information about the defined space
  • Custom request management piece takes care of a new hire, an (existing) individual move or a group move
  • Allows move on a specific day
  • Limit number of moves per week
  • Requests raised before or after a week day will be shifted to next week

All of the above with approvals, notifications to stakeholders and capturing required data at various stages in the lifecycle of the request.

Streamline and automate security and access management with a single app.