User Experience (UI/UX)

Deliver Seamless, Intuitive, User Experiences that Boost Collaboration & Efficiency

Take a Data-Driven Approach

In order for work to flow, you need a smooth UI/UX design and experience. Our UI/UX Expertise helps analyze your workflows iteratively to identify the ideal flows for your business. We take feedback from your current users, analyze data, and then use the insights to create the most desired UI/UX design. We deploy this design for a pilot group to understand if there is further scope for improvement. After finalization, the design is pushed to production, and we provide training organization to adopt the new changes.

User Interface (UI) User Experience (UX) Design

We have extensive experience as a ServiceNow integration partner, and we ensure that our clients enjoy an experience that is tailored to their unique business needs. We consider personas and business functions while customizing the ServiceNow platform. We assess user journeys, business needs, and empathy maps to customize the user experience. Our approach leverages both existing ServiceNow widgets and our very own template library to reuse content for optimal UX/UI design and deliver the finest ServiceNow solutions.

Pre-Built Assets for Faster Implementation

ADVANCE uses insights from our internal knowledge base and experience to accelerate ServiceNow implementation without compromising quality. We have a rich library of reusable and pre-built assets such as templates for reports, dashboards, test manuals, internal communication, workshops, and much more. Our assets ensure that an idea moves to production in a few days instead of months.

Real-World Expertise at Your Service

As an Elite ServiceNow partner with 15+ years of experience, ADVANCE’s experts and customer support team has vast and diverse industry experience. We provide a full suite of skills and UI/UX expertise, front-end development, mobile development, organic change management, and functional architecture. This diversity and expertise ensure that we deliver the highest quality results on every ServiceNow cloud integration project.

Leverage Design Thinking Methodology

As an expert ServiceNow Consultant, ADVANCE follows design-thinking methodologies that are best in class to build a great digital user experience. We use a standard approach tailored to speed-up design on the ServiceNow platform. Our methodologies and templates boost productivity while reducing costs.

Test Before an Enterprise-Wide Roll-out

As a ServiceNow implementation expert, we pilot the final design with a small set of diverse people to get a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not. We conduct A/B testing to provide different experiences to a small set of team members to gather feedback and match it with the usage data to take a data-driven approach to design. We strive to perfect the experience and support enterprise-wide release.

Delight users, drive collaboration and boost efficiency with ADVANCE’s UI/UX services.