Change Enablement & Training

Comprehensive Organizational Change Management (OCM)

Drive Enterprise Adaptability for Sustainable Success

Change is a constant and empowering your organization to cope with change is a powerful factor for long-term success. ADVANCE, an Elite ServiceNow Partner, offers you comprehensive OCM tailored to internally optimize your chain of command, and drive adaptability to external factors impacting your business management. Equip your enterprise with the facilities to adopt agile and flexible organizational change in order to deliver consistently high performance.

ADVANCE can enable your company to manage change with the implementation of new and improved processes to upgrade your company. With ServiceNow Change Enablement & Training, ADVANCE provides you with comprehensive training materials that can help your employees measure the long-term success of implemented OCM. Strategic change management offered by ADVANCE comes with the advantage of experienced and certified ServiceNow consultants, with 15+ years of ServiceNow integration experience. We empower your business to profit from strategies tailored to your needs – mitigating risks and monitoring progress.

Change Enablement & Training

  • Identify the most highly impacted employees and create ServiceNow solutions for ease of operations
  • Eliminate hierarchical bottle necks in business administrative processes
  • Predict and measure the impact of change
  • Keep employees accustomed to modifications, allowing agile OCM
  • Bearing company goals in mind, ADVANCE will establish a clear set of objectives
  • Curate incentives for your business to make sure goals are met
  • Track and record all milestones achieved by your company’s OCM
  • Boost employee morale through regularly communicated target successes
Consistent Progress Oversight
  • Ensure that your company stays on the right path to change
  • Monitor progress rate to make allowances as necessary
  • Track company budget for OCM
  • Incorporate a system for prioritizing executive decisions
Clear Communication
  • Simple repeated messaging to reinforce change goals
  • Keep employees and management up to date on status of OCM
  • Motivate the adoption of change with regular and frequent notifications
  • Communication plans for the entire ServiceNow platform

OCM - a part of today's "every-day" business.